FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q:1      What do I do to book my Baxi?

Ans-     Very first you have to register yourself by giving required information. Then Choose bike and ride date & time and enjoy your Baxi.

Q:2      Which document will be verified or asked when I take bike?

Ans      It won`t take a long to verify. Anyhow you have to bring your –

  • Original Valid Driving licence
  • UIDAI (Aadhar card)
  • Voter ID

(DL is compulsory and any one ID mentioned above (Except DL) will be checked originally at bike delivery time and it will be kept for record and returned after end of your ride.)

Q:3      When does my order will be confirmed?

Ans-     After completing payment process your booking will be confirmed.

Q:4      Is fuel charge included in my fare?

Ans-     No, Charges do not carry fuel expenses.

Q:5      Is there any speed imitation?

Ans      Yes, you have to ride your Baxi in a limited speed. The speed limit is vary on different bike. It is mentioned in our


Q:6      Can I get my Baxi delivered to my location from you?

Ans     Yes, but it can take some time to deliver at your location and would be chargable(depend on distance from
nearby center).

Q:7      Have I to pay any security deposit?

Ans      No, there is no security deposit in cash.

Q:8       What if I am unable to return bike on time?

Ans      You have agreed that you will return your vehicle on time but if you do not do so then late charges are payable.

Q:9      What do I do to cancel my booking?

Ans      For cancellation of booking you have to contact Fly Baxi. Your refund amount will be payable as per cancellation policies.

Q:10    What if I damaged bike intentionally or unintentionally?

Ans      You have to return bike as it was delivered to you. If any damage occurs than you have to pay for it as per company’s damage policy.

Q:11     Can I extend my ride time?

Ans      Yes, but it will be possible on availability of bike. And extended duration will be charged as per your bike which

you have hired. You will have to inform before 2 hour.

 For further inquiry feel free to contact us.